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Direct Access to Bearing Buyer Requirement Spreadsheets  
Buyers who wish to pursue alternate or new suppliers of bearings can register their actual Annual requirements at no cost with us. You will get a comprehensive tabulation of various suppliers within a specified date and can award your annual procurement in a systemized manner besides savings in most cases.
Place your annual reqmt
For suppliers, the entire process of identifying, corresponding, visiting, pursuing, follow up and so on is cut short drastically, saving enormous time & costs by direct access to these requirements. On quoting to these spreadsheets, you can then have direct access to the Purchase Team to know your status & renegotiate (if the buyer is willing to). Order confirmation from buyer is upto your credentials, logistical advantages, price competitiveness & other factors. We will strive to ensure Buyers projected volumes are in accordance with their previous trends & projected production plans & that the final decision by the buyer is justified by sound reason.

Current Live Offers posted online as follows:
Electric Motor Maintainer, Maharashtra, India

Requires HCH Bearings
2RS from 606 to 629
6000 to 6008, 6201 to
6208 & 6301 to 6308
1 Set Each. Total Qty
30 Sets As per Attached

Deadline to quote - 15th Nov 2017
Access here

Saturday October 21, 2017